Gameboy Advance / GBA BIOS

Most Game Boy Advance emulators require you to have a BIOS (like a car key) to operate. Here is quick intro to BIOS, some basic instructions, and a link to download it.


Gameboy Advance BIOS ( - 13.3 KB

How It Works

Gameboy Advance includes a small BIOS ROM built-in the CPU, the program code in this ROM is used for three purposes:
  • The Intro Sequence. Displays the Gameboy logo and Nintendo logo each time when the GBA is switched on.
  • The SWI Functions. Maths, initialization, decompression, and other functions, which can be used by GBA software.
  • Multiboot Function. Allows to boot the GBA from other computers or consoles even if no cartridge is inserted.
The original BIOS code is copyrighted by Nintendo, and for that reason, not included in the most emulator packages.


Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Download

Download the BIOS file below and extract the ZIP file.

Step 2. UnZIP

Unzip the the file( and place the unzipped BIOS file (gba_bios.bin) in the same folder the GBA ROMs are located in. In some cases, place the file in the same folder the Emulator is located.

Step 3. Open Emulator

Open your emulator and if required, specify the BIOS File (gba_bios.bin) or load the file as necessary. It's really that simple. Keep in mind, if it's required you may need to "Save Configuration Settings". This tells the emulator where the BIOS file is every time you load the emulator, so make sure to verify beforehand.