How To Play ROMs with Android Devices

Here are universal instructions for the majority of emulators, including NES, SNES, N64, GBC, GBA, NEO GEO, ATARI, MAME, SPECTRUM, SEGA, and CAPCOM emulators. I have tested it for almost every system and works beautifully, however I have not tried every single emulator out there (they come and go). Once you emulate your first ROM, it will be much easier from there on. With these instructions, you should not have to touch a computer.

*Most emulators recognize zip files, so there is no need to extract them anymore. This does not apply for PSX ROMs, they require preparation..

Necessary Tool
Most phones do not recognize .ZIP formats by default. To fix this, I use a file manager. I recommend using one of these:

File Expert [(APK)]
Astro File Manager [(APK)]

Step-by-Step Instructions

Step 1. Download Emulator

Get an emulator, either from Emulator Section or Google Play. Emulators are virtual consoles that allow you to play the ROMs(games) such as Super Nintendo (Snes9x), Playstation (FPse), etc.

Step 2. Download BIOS

**Required for: PSX, GBA, NEO GEO, DREAMCAST, and some Atari or NDS emulators, otherwise skip this step.

If using any of the emulators notated above, you will need to download a BIOS File. To get a BIOS file, download BIOS Archive App from Google Play or visit our BIOS page online. The files will download to /sdcard/Download/ or /sdcard/ext_sd/Downoad or your corresponding download folder.

After you download the BIOS, you will need to load it within the Emulator. Open the emulator and go to the MENU -> SETTINGS -> BIOS FILE or similar, then locate and select your BIOS file in /sdcard/Download/ or your corresponding sd card/internal memory folder. Ensure you save all these settings for the next boot up.

Step 3. Download ROMs

Browse our mobile-friendly ROM Directory and start downloading games. The ROMs by default download into your device(s) internal memory or SD card. This is usually in /sdcard/Download or similar.

* Some devices require a file manager to download ROMs in a .zip format. If your phone does not support .zip downloads, the downloads will fail. I recommend File Expert (Download Link).

Step 4. Open Emulator

Open up your emulator and usually a black screen will appear. This should be the root of your phones internal or external storage (depends on the phone and emulator). Navigate to the folder your ROMs are in, most of the time this is /sdcard/download, /download/ or ext_sd/download/.

If your emulator has a nice user interface, simply look for the "Load ROM" feature in the menu. If you have trouble finding your ROMs, use a file manager such as File Expert or Astro File Manager to search for the file. If you still can't do that, Google "download folder for DEVICENAME" and find your download folder that way.

Step 5. Get Ready to Play

Once you find the ROM, double tap it and it should start playing. You no longer have to decompress ZIPPED files, most emulators will be able to decipher them just fine. PSX ROMs are an exception, they have multiple compression levels and require. I advise using PC-to-Phone Guides for PSX ROMs, the process on a phone can be tedious and files are much larger.

Things to keep in mind... *Lite/Free Versions do not have "save state." Don't be a troll and leave bad reviews because you can't save. If you want that feature, buy the product!


Main Folder
/sdcard/Download/ Folder