How To Play ROMs on Android Using Your Computer

This is the Universal Getting Started Guide for playing ROMs on Android Devices by using your Computer to transfer the files. This guide will work 95% of the time, it depends which emulator you are using. These instructions are specifically for PC to Phone Installation, if you are looking for mobile instructions please press the back button.

*Most emulators recognize zip files, so there is no need to extract them anymore.

Step 1. Emulator

Get an emulator, either from Google Play or our Emulator Section. Emulators are apps such as SNESoid, Tiger Arcade, Ataroid, etc...
Android Emulator

Step 2. BIOS

** Required for: PSX, GBA, NEO GEO, and some Atari/NDS emulators, otherwise skip this step.

If using any of the emulators listed above, you will need to download a BIOS File. To get a BIOS file, please visit our BIOS page. You will need to unZip the BIOS (.bin file) and place it in the same folder the ROMs are in. Don't forget, this is very important.

Step 3. Download

Download any ROM from this or any file-safe website onto your computer.
Android Download

Step 4. Connect

Connect the USB cord to your Android mobile device then to your Computer. On your Android device, you will get a notice such as "Turn ON USB Storage" (this differs on phones). Just make sure your phone is connected to your computer.

Android Connect

Step 5. Create

Create a folder called ROMS within your Android mobile device (Organization). You can do this by accessing your Android device through My Computer, it will show a new device there. Open it then create the folder. I create my folders at: /sdcard/download/Roms/ or /sdcard/ext_sd/download/Roms/.
Android ROM Create

Android ROM Create

Android ROM Create

Step 6. Transfer

Transfer all games you've downloaded into the ROMS folder on your Android mobile device. Don't forget to transfer the BIOS File as well. Remember to click Turn OFF USB Storage when you are done! This safely un-mounts your SD Card.
Android Transfer

Step 7. Play

Open up your emulator and if you needed a BIOS, be sure to load it first. You can do this by going to MENU -> SETTINGS -> BIOS FILE (this may vary per emulator). Afterwards, hit the back button on your phone till you reach the black screen with files, then navigate to your ROMs folder (/sdcard/download/roms/ or /sdcard/ext_sd/download/roms). Just double tap the game of your choice to start playing. If the game does not play correctly, you may need to modify settings such as frame rate or enabling special features. OH yeah....most importantly, have fun!
Android Play

*Note: Lite versions or also known as free emulators, do not have "save state" unless you purchase the product. This rule is void if the full emulator is free, duh! :-)


SNESoid Load Save
NESoid Load Save
Mojo Nes