Play PSX on PlayBook

This guide was referenced/paraphrased from the original developer at here. If you have additional questions, please refer to his thread.

Step by Step Instructions

Step 1. Emulator

First and foremost, you will need to download the Playstation Emulator for Playbook

Step 2. Download

Next, download any Game (ROM) from this website onto your computer. Visit our PSX ROMs section here.

Step 3. Preparation

To create the necessary folder structure, first run PCSX-PB without adding anything. You should be shown an empty dialog box. Press "Cancel" and the application will exit.

Step 4. Connect

Next, connect your PlayBook to your computer or enable wireless sharing. Open "My Computer" and select the BlackBerry network drive. Navigate to misc/pcsx-rearmed-pb/iso/ and copy your ROMs here.

Step 5. Game Formats

For highest compatibility, use .bin and .cue files for a game. ECM version of .bin/.cue will not work. If you need help unECM'ing files, check out our ECM GuideThe bin and cue must have the same base name (ie. file 1.bin, file 1.cue). Spaces should not be an issue. If you rename the bin or cue file, you MUST open the .cue for edit, and rename which .bin it points to.

Step 6. BIOS

Copy a PlayStation BIOS to misc/pcsx-rearmed-pb/bios then ensure the misc/pcsx-rearmed-pb/cfg/pcsx.cfg "bios=" entry has the correct case sensitive file name. You can get a BIOS here.

Step 7. Play!

Launch PCSX-PB, pick your game and enjoy! To switch games, perform a swipe down gesture and pick another game. For Multidisk games, they will always prompt to save. Do so, perform the swipe down, pick disk 2 then load your save.


Basic Steps
  • Ensure you've read, abide by and completely understand the above section.
  • Games can take up to 15-20 seconds to load, be patient.
  • If one game has issues, try a more popular game or another image of the same game.
  • If audio is having issues, set "xa=0" and "cdda=0" in misc/pcsx-rearmed-pb/cfg/pcsx.cfg.
  • If you continue to have issues, you can submit a bug report to me. I will outline what must be included. If something is missing I will not look into it. Simply saying it doesn't work will not help.
Email to: catalystgdev at
Subject: PCSX-ReARMed-PB Bug Report
Attach: misc/pcsx-rearmed-pb/log from PlayBook after reproducing the issue. Include:
  • Playbook OS version.
  • Description of what happens, in enough detail I can try to reproduce.
  • Games you've tried.
  • bin and cue name which causes the problem, if applicable.
  • Anything else that may be of use.


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